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Just went through this and wanted to share how I did this.
I removed the top bushings with a ball joint remover and went to napa to find something close. What I found is 267-4492. It's the same type of bushing width and bolt size are the same but it's a hair bigger. I used a cylinder hone to get the hole a little bigger. About 0.01 and then was able to press in with some heat. Will post pictures of sizes. Picture of bushing installed down below View attachment 217815
View attachment 217817
View attachment 217818
View attachment 217816
View attachment 217814
Thank you for the write up! Very helpful. Do you or anyone on here know what we could use to replace the lower bushing as well? Mine is in pretty rough shape and want to do them all at once. Thanks in advance!
1 - 1 of 113 Posts