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Windshield Wiper Nozzle - Replacement

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As the title says.... I broke my passenger side nozzle when closing my hood by leaving a socket wrench under the hood. I hear the crack but couldn't figure out what broke as I didn't see pieces laying around. Definitely sounded like plastic breaking.

Quick drive around and I had some bird poo on the windshield. Activate the wiper fluid and bam only the driver side worked. Popped the hood back open and I see a wet spot on the insulation under the hood and a puncture hole where my socket wrench was left. I stick my finger in and this insulation is like a wet cracker and just starting to disintegrate. In frustration I just dig my finger in and pull a chunk away to reveal the connection from the windshield wiper nozzle broke and the tubing just dumping water on to the insulation.

So here lies the rub. I want to get replacement parts but nothing on autozone.com is giving me a replacement so I am opting to order the OEM from the dealer supply. Figured if I doing one might as well do two.

Looks fairly easy but has anyone had any experience / tips to make it easier or maybe the tool need to pinch properly to get the nozzle out?

Also this insulation under the hood seems to be only for sound and not heat. I am opting to not worry about it and put some aluminum tap over the exposed areas where the nozzles sit to give some type of heat protection to the tubing.
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I know for my Dodge Journey I got replacements on Amazon, a pair for around $15. No, not OEM, but fit, worked and looked like OEM. Took longer to open the hood then replace them. They were held on by 2 built in clips. Squeeze the sides,push up,out they came. Not sure about Jeep, but they sure look the same! Try Amazon…

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