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thanks for the input guys.
i do run it on fresh air and it is parked outside typically. it's certainly worse after long rides but even happens when i just bolt up to the store and back.

i have had it happen on other cars from time to time. just never this bad or this consistently.
i was starting to worry i might have a bad heater core or something .

i was sorta thinking the same thing, with all the sound dampening and tighter tolerances , this thing is sealed up better than my past jeeps.

i will try just letting the warm air out when i get out and see if that helps some.

thanks again.
Are your carpets wet from snow? I make sure to kick off any snow on my shoes before getting in the car. If the floors are wet I would suggest switching the heat to defrost and the floor vent, once the windows defrost switch to the floor vent on high and hot to try and dry them out,
21 - 22 of 22 Posts