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Who's Ordered a Cherokee?

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who has submitted and order and what was the trim/options chosen?
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Estimated delivery date it 9/24. I am betting early October.
seeing how you will be getting it just in time for winter, have you decided on what winter tires you will be getting?
I live in Texas, we don't worry about winter tires down here. We normally get 2 ice days a year and everyone stays home on those days.
haha should have read your avatar, lucky, must be nice to live in a winter free area of the US
I think anyone driving in any city, town, county that gets snow should have winter tires. The initial investment of having all season or summer tires for warm weather and winter tires for winter is well worth it.

It's been proven that with winter tires you will be in far more control of your vehicle in winter than with running all seasons.
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I just received my second email that I am officially scheduled for production to start in the next two weeks.
So going off of the 10 day turn around time that was mentioned before, you should be able to get your Cherokee by mid to late october :D

I hope you have started to plan for winter.
I think you misunderstood what I said. It takes about 10 days once the factory releases it for it to arrive in the DFW area. By that I mean once it has passed inspeciton and is scheduled for shipping.

I did not say it takes 10 days to build it and get it to my area.
My mistake!

Any idea how long it will take from production to your dealer for you to take delivery of it? Im guessing 30 days.
My latitude moved to the frame stage this morning. Woohoo!
How do you know this? Seems like some really detailed information being handed down here.
What's next, info on when it goes into the painting process? :D
I agree ordering the sport is the prob the issue as well. At an estimated 10 percent in sales. Prob not alot being made.
that and probably a long time to wait to get one due to low demand, i'd be surprised if the turn around time from the time of ordering one to receiving it is average
1 - 7 of 118 Posts
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