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Who's Ordered a Cherokee?

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who has submitted and order and what was the trim/options chosen?
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Gonna drive a Trailhawk before I even consider buying. If it drives like a GC then it might work for me (looking at size also).
They release the Build Your Own feature on Jeep.com but you cannot order a TH with a skyslider yet.
Roughin it

Wow... the Trailhawk sounds down right barbaric!
South Florida

haha should have read your avatar, lucky, must be nice to live in a winter free area of the US

It is... In the winter when people ask how's it going I always say "It's another day in paradise".
sometimes people mention having their orders bumped up... maybe yours will to!
"Again, unofficially, dealers have begun charging over sticker due to the perceived shortage"

This would not happen if people would be patient and draw a line in the sand.
One nice thing about the shipping delay is that over the past two weeks the CHs have really been pouring into South Florida. Right now they are not in "limited supply".
No Hoodie

I posted this yesterday but nobody took me up on my challenge... what's missing?


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1 - 8 of 118 Posts
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