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Where does this part go?

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I found this part underneath the driver’s floor mat. I can’t see anything in the driver’s seat area that it attaches to. Any ideas?

I can find the part online but can’t find an assembly drawing or description.

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From the left back seat area look at the extreme rearward end of the plastic trim over the inboard front seat rail. The cover is on top of the trim over the rail.
I don't have piece 15 on my center console. I have a 2014 TH with cloth seats so maybe different trim levels are different.
As the OP reported in the link I posted above, they had all caps in place. Cap found was an 'extra' from the assembly line, heh.

edit to correct quote from @sanghill as per his latest pot.
I had to correct my Post #7, so Mark_ s quote is no longer correct.
Edited my quote accordingly, haha.

Oh and I think this part only applies to 2019+ (per eBay description)

Edit #2 : just realized we're in the wrong thread. This is the current one :
1 - 2 of 12 Posts