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Wheeler Pass

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Wheeler pass starts in Cold Creek.

Take the 95 NW and turn left onto Cold Creek Rd. (The Prison's are at this turn)
Head up Cold Creek Rd (be very careful of horses and mules they are frequently in the road)
Turn off to the right as you start approaching the "town" and you should be on Wheelers Pass Rd.

This road will take you all the way to Pahrump. Current conditions forced us to turn around about 45 minutes in. It gets pretty rocky and we weren't really equipped to deal with flat tires in rough terrain.

The video starts after we turned around and runs until we reached Cold Creek Rd again.

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Very nice. That is the kind of thing I want to do with mine.
Nice. Thanks for taking the time to make/post the videos.
Beautiful area...where is this? What transmission settings were you using for the descent?

Thanks for sharing. That's about as off-road as I'll be getting!
What Selec-Terrain setting would one use on a trail like that?
This area is about 30 minutes NW of Las Vegas.

Pretty much the entire way in (unfilmed) I just had the Jeep in auto like I would driving down the street. Nothing was really so steep that FWD wasn't enough to be honest. I felt the tires slip a few times and 4WD kick in temporarily on loose gravel.

What you saw on the way out was mostly in 4-Low since it was mostly a descent and riding your brakes is the worst. I toyed with the two Selec-Speed modes but those were too slow. They are really meant for seriously extreme angles. Plus you basically never get out of 1st gear so you're going to be running high revs.

What worked the best was 4-low and manually shifting between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to control speed. That worked beautifully. 1st gear is very slow as it is.

Basically, none of this trail challenged my traction/grip. Trailhawk does really well with that even just driving in Auto. We turned because the rocks were just getting too big for comfort.
Nice, my parents have a 2nd home (winter home) in Pahrump.
That's a fun ride, Go up from "Gravel Pit Road" on the Pahrump side. All different types of terrain :) Not sure how the snow is on the top 11,700 before you drop down into the Cold Creek side. TH will eat it up. Lots of history and fun trails.
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