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whats included in Payload?

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On another RV group there are lots of "what can I tow with this truck" posts and it always gets to a payload question. Some half ton trucks with 8,500lb + tow ratings have only a 1,450lb payload.

Whats included or really excluded from the available payload?

Ok for my Jeep my payload is 1,000lb (50lbs less for TH) does this exclude a tank of gas and some say a 150 lb driver. Some also say it excludes another 150 lb passenger.

Most then say check your manual. I did and see no driver exclusion but maybe a fuel exclusion.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
The GVWR is the total permissible weight of your vehicle
including driver, passengers, vehicle, options and cargo.
The label also specifies maximum capacities of front and
rear axle systems (GAWR). Total load must be limited so
GVWR and front and rear GAWR are not exceeded.

The payload of a vehicle is defined as the allowable load
weight a truck can carry, including the weight of the
driver, all passengers, options and cargo.
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For the TH model with a V6, is the payload capacity 1000lbs or ~1500lbs? I only ask because I've seen both listed, and I thought I recall seeing a GWVR of around 5500lbs for the TH V6, but I cannot confirm that.

All I know if I've definitely loaded more than 1000lbs of cargo + myself, and anything else in my car, but it drove just fine.
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