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What year & miles? Transmission & gear fluid changed?

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I have a 2019 Jeep Cherokee 2.0T, just created 70,000 miles, the dealer states do not change gear or Tranmission fluid, “it’s life time they said”at the dealer ship. Any one changed
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your fluids and at what year?
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Holy moly, no issues?
it’s a little weird sometimes but it’s kinda always been weird
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I wonder if some maintenance would help prevent the PTU & RDM failures mentioned on the forums. I’m kinda looking forward to moving on to a newer unit in the near future. It’s been reliable but it would be fun to start fresh again
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Apparently weird is the new cool...😳😎
I'm a little weird, so I try to take it in stride. but I do need performance & reliability
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8 years old and has 53k miles
wow where'd you find that?
there's a bare bones "sport" near me w/ 30k miles that just went down $1k in price
Found it on Facebook marketplace
oh interesting my spouse looks on that I haven't ventured into that arena
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