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What year & miles? Transmission & gear fluid changed?

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I have a 2019 Jeep Cherokee 2.0T, just created 70,000 miles, the dealer states do not change gear or Tranmission fluid, “it’s life time they said”at the dealer ship. Any one changed
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your fluids and at what year?
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Reference Post #6.
I am concerned about "some fine metal slurry it it". How thick were the filings on the magnet(s)?
My fear is the RDM is wearing excessively.
I have never removed oil from the RDM but I top it up once a year because the left axle seal weeps.
I wipe off the magnets so they never have a large amount filings.
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I think you should be ok. I considered sucking out the fluid but never figured out how to do it.
Couldn't get the tubing down inside.
Probably should check the fluid fairly regularly so you can clean the magnet(s).
If you have a TH you have 2 fill plugs. Maybe AD2 has 2 also?
I just stack 2 2X10X2ft boards and drive the rear wheels up onto them, then I don't have to jack up the TH and
it can't fall on me.
The clutch pack is a separate fluid reservoir from the gears.
The clutch pack uses an ATF type of fluid. The gear reservoir uses gear oil, the magnetic fill plugs are for this reservoir only.
The metal filings on the magnetic fill plug are from the gears, not the clutch pack.
The clutch pack is for the rear locker and is only used on the Trailhawk.
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Factory installed accessory drain: Rear Axle Seals - Known Issue? Post #3.
Problem solved.
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