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What year & miles? Transmission & gear fluid changed?

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I have a 2019 Jeep Cherokee 2.0T, just created 70,000 miles, the dealer states do not change gear or Tranmission fluid, “it’s life time they said”at the dealer ship. Any one changed
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your fluids and at what year?
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One more thing... there's a recent thread on the forum called "Cracked Differential". The poster is dealing with a cracked RDM. The metal doesn't look all that thick. I'd be afraid of hairline cracks at the newly drilled hole. Could be a problem with no end. Interesting thought though!

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This is my 2019 with 40K. Agree with Gary. In my opinion it’s a combination of thin skinned and lack of anodized aluminum. Because the aluminum is not anodized it is vulnerable to corrosion in the north. Which is what I think happened here. It’s been replaced and I waxed the new one. Lol.
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