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What to expect?

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I ordered a 2021 Olive Green Trailhawk on 8/5/21. So, on 9/2 I asked the dealer if they had heard anything on the order and the answer was "They've picked it up." I asked if this was a confirmation or do they have any idea when it may be built? The answer was the same, they've picked it up. So, what does "They've picked it up" mean? Now I wonder if it'll be a '21 or maybe a '22. If a '22, will the packages be the same or different. Or will the Olive Green still be available....and on and on. All that to ask the club have y'all got any thoughts or insight on this or should I just be patient? But I want it now! WANH!

Thanks folks.
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'They've picked it up' ? Sounds vaguely like the Jeep could be en route from the plant, to... the dealership, hopefully.

Dealerships have access to precise tracking. They should be able to tell you where the Jeep is, if it's been assembled of course. If it's en route, they should see when it is supposed to arrive.

Ask to speak to the sales manager. If he/she remains vague, go above their head.
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One thing I find a little odd : isn't August 5 a little late to be taking orders for present model year ? I'll bet Covid had something to do with that.

If you go back to the dealership, ask what is the status on the order, there are codes for this and they can get them :
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