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What to expect?

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I ordered a 2021 Olive Green Trailhawk on 8/5/21. So, on 9/2 I asked the dealer if they had heard anything on the order and the answer was "They've picked it up." I asked if this was a confirmation or do they have any idea when it may be built? The answer was the same, they've picked it up. So, what does "They've picked it up" mean? Now I wonder if it'll be a '21 or maybe a '22. If a '22, will the packages be the same or different. Or will the Olive Green still be available....and on and on. All that to ask the club have y'all got any thoughts or insight on this or should I just be patient? But I want it now! WANH!

Thanks folks.
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Call them back and ask what exactly does that mean and when will my Jeep be delivered. All they did was not answer you, and if they don’t know the answer they could at least say they don’t know.
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Congratulations, hope you have a good Cherokee for many years.
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