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What to expect?

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I ordered a 2021 Olive Green Trailhawk on 8/5/21. So, on 9/2 I asked the dealer if they had heard anything on the order and the answer was "They've picked it up." I asked if this was a confirmation or do they have any idea when it may be built? The answer was the same, they've picked it up. So, what does "They've picked it up" mean? Now I wonder if it'll be a '21 or maybe a '22. If a '22, will the packages be the same or different. Or will the Olive Green still be available....and on and on. All that to ask the club have y'all got any thoughts or insight on this or should I just be patient? But I want it now! WANH!

Thanks folks.
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One thing I find a little odd : isn't August 5 a little late to be taking orders for present model year ? I'll bet Covid had something to do with that.

If you go back to the dealership, ask what is the status on the order, there are codes for this and they can get them :
Thank you so much Mark. Exactly what I need. And yes, I asked the salesperson about the late date order and he informed me that "They're still building 2021s". So, we shall see. I will report back after my visit with the dealer. Again, thank you Mark.

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Went by the dealership this afternoon. Sales manager is out, owner is out so talked to salesperson. Short and sweet...Picked it up means it has a vin assigned. I asked if he had a schedule, asked if he had a program to check status, asked if he could see the codes associated with vin. He answered in the negative on all the above. He said once there is a vin assigned they (the dealership) don't get any more updates until it's sitting on a truck in their lot. I just played dumb, ask him to give me a call if they got any updates. I suspect that IF the owner had been there I would know a lot more about what and when. But alas the owner has been "korn teened" so it may be awhile before I catch up to him.

Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts and knowledge. I sincerely appreciate each of you. I will update this thread when I have something concrete to report back but I don't expect to know anything before the jeep just shows up at the dealership. Oh, and this is a small dealership in a small town so.......

Thanks again,
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Here's a Sept. 9 update that is probably relevant to you: Semiconductor shortage halts Jeep Cherokee, Chrysler minivan plants for next two weeks.

Notice that it says "halts," not "slows down."
Thank you for this info. They were shut down 8/30 thru 9/6 and now this. That's four days between shutdowns. That would make a hard work life for a fellow. 😕
WOW! The darnedest thing happened today. Got a call from the dealer about 2:00 this afternoon. They had just unloaded my brand new Jeep 5 weeks and 1 day from the time it was ordered and the Belvidere plant was shut down at least one full week during that time. Things weren't looking good, I was thinking maybe Christmas before I got it. The dealer was surprised too, swore they couldn't get updates etc. so there ya go fellows. Crazy times we're livin' in. This note as just an FYI and to say thanks again for all y'all's help and information. I guess if the dealer turns it in as a "sold order" it really does go to the front of the line. It was built as a 2021 model year, by the way.
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