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WeatherTech FloorLiner vs FloorLiner HP ?

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Hi. I am about to take delivery of a 2022 Cherokee Trailhawk. To protect the new vehicle, I am looking at both the traditional WeatherTech FloorLiner, and the newer WeatherTech FloorLiner HP. And trying to understand better the differences between them.

I understand that the new HPs are a bit softer and more flexible, and about $15 more expensive than the traditional FloorLiners. I had the traditional WeatherTech FloorLiners in my previous Jeep, so I'm very familiar with those ones.

Any thoughts about pros and cons, or likes and dislikes, of the new FloorLiner HPs vs the traditional ones is appreciated :)

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I have no idea what a 22 model can have, but this is what the 17 looks like
Look just like mine, and they will fit all KL Cherokees...馃槑
including a 22 trailhawk (Idk what trailhawks are ultimately but I know they have cosmetic changes)
Basic interior floor plan on any KL, 2014-2022 are all the same. Some minor cosmetic, and or accessory differences is all...馃槑
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Thanks AuroraGirl and Flybynightcru. I've just placed an order for the FloorLiner HP liners in Cocoa. My thoughts are that the WeatherTech's high walls are value-add to protect the Cherokee in the slushy Ontario winters. Going for the HP vs the traditional is for me an experiment. So I ordered just the front seat liners for now.

So we'll see how it works when both the Cherokee and the FloorLiners arrive in the coming days 馃槂.
I highly recommend the WT cargo liner too. Fits perfectly. Also, if you've ever had your window cracked, and took off when there's some water on the roof and gotten the waterfall in your lap, their side window deflectors are a nice addition as well. I just have them on the front windows, and they snap right into the channel. Not taped like others are...馃槑
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