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WeatherTech FloorLiner vs FloorLiner HP ?

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Hi. I am about to take delivery of a 2022 Cherokee Trailhawk. To protect the new vehicle, I am looking at both the traditional WeatherTech FloorLiner, and the newer WeatherTech FloorLiner HP. And trying to understand better the differences between them.

I understand that the new HPs are a bit softer and more flexible, and about $15 more expensive than the traditional FloorLiners. I had the traditional WeatherTech FloorLiners in my previous Jeep, so I'm very familiar with those ones.

Any thoughts about pros and cons, or likes and dislikes, of the new FloorLiner HPs vs the traditional ones is appreciated :)

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The Jeep mats that came with my TH are close enough to Weatherguard for me. They're fairly high quality.
The OEM all-weather mats came with our 2018 as part of the Cold Weather Package, and they are fine. I've always been a "mats guy" rather than a "floor liner guy." I don't want to feel as though I'm driving a delivery truck, with my feet in buckets of plastic.

I just need the cargo liner. I'm surprised my optioned out TH didn't come with anything for the cargo compartment. I don't know how much shipping would be but Weatherguard is pretty proud of that one cargo mat at $115
Nothing wrong with the Weathertech cargo liner. However, I ordered custom-cut cargo mats for both Cherokees from Lloyd Mats for two reasons: many more color options (I was able to order a pink one for my wife, although pink no longer seems to be an option), and a perfectly flat edge, instead of a raised, tray-like lip. I find that it's easier to slide things into the cargo compartment with the seats down if there's no barrier along the edge of the cargo mat.
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