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Water leak in cargo area

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Over the last few days we have been getting some rain. I opened the lift gate this morning and opened up the storage area to find that my bungee cords had mold on them. I removed the tray and found that the entire tire well was soaking wet. Nothing in the main cargo area is damp but quite a bit of water came in and was funneled down to the floor. Has anyone else had problems with water leaks? I am currently at the dealer hoping they will dry it out and find the problem. Thanks!
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I have a 2018 Compass - I went to my vehicle and had condensation that I thought was on the exterior. I put the wipers on and realized it was INSIDE my vehicle back and front. I felt all carpets and found nothing. I cleaned off the windows and parked, when I got out of work at the end of the day - same issue water on every window inside. I opened the trunk and felt the carpet was slightly damp. I pulled up the carpet to see the spare and there was the water. I brought it to the dealership and was given the dumb little woman left the window open treatment until they felt all the floors and inspected the trunk. I also found water behind the seat when I put my hands between the seat and area where the seat belt straps hang. I have had the car less than 90 days and I am fuming. I have noticed other issues with the car which they say they will get to after they water test the vehicle. I do not have a sun roof so I don't know where the water is getting in from. I know there is a lemon law when it comes to cars and that you need to keep documenting the issues. Is a lemon law only for mechanical issues or is it also for manufacturing issues?
Hi dawcey01,

I am sorry to hear that you are having a tough time with your Jeep Cherokee. If you are in need of additional assistance while in service, please feel free to send us a private message.

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