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Water leak in cargo area

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Over the last few days we have been getting some rain. I opened the lift gate this morning and opened up the storage area to find that my bungee cords had mold on them. I removed the tray and found that the entire tire well was soaking wet. Nothing in the main cargo area is damp but quite a bit of water came in and was funneled down to the floor. Has anyone else had problems with water leaks? I am currently at the dealer hoping they will dry it out and find the problem. Thanks!
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I dropped the Jeep off this morning and told them about Curt's post about the floor pan. The service tech wasn't interested and told me "you know those websites can be wild goose chases." After being persistent, he agreed to take a look but told me that if there were a problem Chrysler would have already issued a service bulletin. Needless to say I think he underestimates the utility of our forums. He called this afternoon to let me know that they haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but plan to open it up in the morning. In the meantime, I will be driving a Town and Country for a loaner. I'm happy to have a loaner, but I can't wait to get my Cherokee back!
Oh no! The dreaded Town & Country. They gave me one of those when I was waiting on my replacement. Nothing against Chrysler except that vehicle should be advertised as a Soccer Mom Special with big Red Lips. Ugggggg.>:D Hope ya get ya Jeep back swiftly.:grin:
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