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Water from cabin air filter

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So I changed cabin air filter last week, and today I noticed water on passenger floor. I had the ac running, which I have been using since the filter change. So when I opened the door on the filter alot more water came out.
I'm thinking drain hose. Is that the hose right by the filter, and how do you get it out if thats it? Anything else I could be missing?
I used TYC 800184C.

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I finally got the thing off today, and blew air down the plastic thing the hose connects to, up the hose and inside the filter housing. Drove today for an hour or so with AC running and didn't find any water anywhere.
Was that your problem? I also have water coming out of the cabin air filter. The drain hose is clear by the filter and under the jeep. Running out of options as to what could cause water to come out of cabin air filter.
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