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Wanting to rent travel trailer for 2019 Jeep Cherokee TH 2.0L Turbo

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Wanting to rent travel trailer for a 3 night camping trip for 4 (wife and I and 2 small grandchildren)
2.0L turbo with factory tow package is rated at 4000lbs and 400lb tongue weight.
Cargo in Cherokee would be 400 lbs for 4 passengers , assume up to 400 tongue weight, leaving about 100lbs for remaining car cargo.
Any particular travel trailers would anyone recommend to safely tow?
Or what weight specs should I be looking for when renting? Not familiar with all the front axle, rear axle specs and what particular weights I should be paying attention to.
If anyone knows of any particular brands/models that could sleep 4 that I would be able to safely tow, it would be greatly appreciated

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A small pop-up trailer is a great way to start a family camping. They don't weigh much, are easy to setup and often have many features of a full size trailer or camper. They also won't require brakes or a weight distribution hitch as they don't weigh that much. There are many companies that offer rentals - some also sell them and others offer them from the owners. You might want to check out other camping websites and blogs to get more ideas. One good one is Pop Up, Tent Trailer and Teardrop Topics - iRV2 Forums

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your adventures!
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