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Wanting to rent travel trailer for 2019 Jeep Cherokee TH 2.0L Turbo

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Wanting to rent travel trailer for a 3 night camping trip for 4 (wife and I and 2 small grandchildren)
2.0L turbo with factory tow package is rated at 4000lbs and 400lb tongue weight.
Cargo in Cherokee would be 400 lbs for 4 passengers , assume up to 400 tongue weight, leaving about 100lbs for remaining car cargo.
Any particular travel trailers would anyone recommend to safely tow?
Or what weight specs should I be looking for when renting? Not familiar with all the front axle, rear axle specs and what particular weights I should be paying attention to.
If anyone knows of any particular brands/models that could sleep 4 that I would be able to safely tow, it would be greatly appreciated

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a rental might have surge brakes.. otherwise you would need brake controller.

For the price it might be cheaper to rent a cabin.
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