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Video Review - Cherokee Limited (LONG)

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As far as video reviews go, this one is massive - a full 55 minutes. But I do think that anyone looking at buying the Limited or interested in the new 2.2 L Diesel engine would be well served by it.

It is by Autogefuehl, from Germany, but in English. The reviewer seems quite knowledgable and seems to like the overall Cherokee package. Since it is so long, the Cherokee is put through all the paces - from the initial walk-around review to off-road, city and Autobahn driving!

The overall verdict (if I can summarize it) - The new Jeep Cherokee offers a more agile, and cheaper alternative in its class and even compared to larger SUVs. In addition, it shows the most exciting (and polarizing) styling in the Jeep model range. The workmanship is good and the space is comfortable. Even the pricing (much higher in Germany) is deemed acceptable, although the reviewer likes the US pricing better :grin:. The 2.2 L Diesel is quiet and powerful. And even though it offers off-road driving experience with a high seating position and space, the Cherokee feels more practical than big SUVs.

Grab some popcorn (actually lots of popcorn) and enjoy!

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