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US News SUV Rankings: Affordable Compact SUVs

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They have the Cherokee rated #1 in a field of 23.:)
Notable too is that the overall score it is quite far ahead of the second place finishing 2014 Subaru Forester (9.5 to 8.8).:blush:
"The 2014 Jeep Cherokee ranks 1 out of 23 Affordable Compact SUVs. This ranking is based on our analysis of published reviews and test drives of the Jeep Cherokee, as well as reliability and safety data."

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Wow, the Cherokee is getting some respect! Nice
LOL, your problem wasn't in buying a first generation vehicle but in buying a foreign vehicle.
For reliability...seriously? Not sure anyone can take you seriously with that comment my friend! I know and appreciate your loyalties. But most foreign car's reliability compared to Jeep can't even really be argued...but I'm sure you will try.

My last American car was a 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8. A true "American" car. Parts built in Mexico and manufactured in Canada...yes the money went to corporate HQ in the U.S., but didn't help the factory workers here much.
It would be shocking if their review/road test report will be anything but mostly positive given what the other automotive journalists have said, and what they indicated in their first drive video. Yeah, they will point out the numb steering and that it's not quite as sporty a drive versus some of the competition given the extra weight, but that should not be a surprise to anyone.

It will not be on their recommended list yet given the lack of repair history at this time. Unfortunately we will have to wait until next year after they do the next survey to see if it's problem free or problem prone. Let's hope and pray the reports of transmission problems at such low mileage are not an indication of what's to come. I was warned repeatedly not to buy a first year vehicle like this, especially given Chrysler's long history of problems with new vehicle introductions, but I do like the truck and decided to take the risk.
I feel the same way. I hate to say it, but I think it's going to be like playing a dice game as to which issue I am going to have. I had a first year 2006 Charger SRT8 and it had a few TSB's during the first year that had it in the shop (tranny leak, front end clunk..couple other fit and finish issues). But, overall I loved the car and had an overall positive experience.

After reading a few of the "nitnoid" issues here on the forum today, I decided to do some research on the 2010 4Runner on a forum. It was a new year model for the 4Runner. I spent an hour looking at titles of almost a years worth of threads when folks started getting them in. The only issue I found was a couple blue tooth phone pairing issues. Hmmm....I just wish I liked driving it as a daily driver half as much as my experiences test driving the Trailhawk.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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