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US News SUV Rankings: Affordable Compact SUVs

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They have the Cherokee rated #1 in a field of 23.:)
Notable too is that the overall score it is quite far ahead of the second place finishing 2014 Subaru Forester (9.5 to 8.8).:blush:
"The 2014 Jeep Cherokee ranks 1 out of 23 Affordable Compact SUVs. This ranking is based on our analysis of published reviews and test drives of the Jeep Cherokee, as well as reliability and safety data."

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Reliability is probably the one thing holding me back from being decisive about going with the JC. I got burned in 1999 buying the first of the line for VW Jettas. Over $3000 in *non-maintenance* repairs in the first three years, and not covered by warranty. The warranty items were in addition. I chose VW that year because all the interior finishes were so much nicer than Honda and Toyota but they'd saved costs on things you couldn't see when buying a car. I'd been warned never to buy the first of a car and ignored the warning with many a headache following, and with Jeep's not-good history in this department (at least compared with boring Honda and Toyota), it's hard to feel peaceful going forward. I *should* wait a year :-(
LOL, your problem wasn't in buying a first generation vehicle but in buying a foreign vehicle.
Doubt it boils downs to that. Honda and Toyota are well known for their reliability, obviously. I'm not an either or thinker in this complex world.
Actually, if you will check the "real" recall and repair records of both Honda and Toyota they are not all that hot. The only thing that Toyota and Honda are good at is that of creating a perceived image.
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For reliability...seriously? Not sure anyone can take you seriously with that comment my friend! I know and appreciate your loyalties. But most foreign car's reliability compared to Jeep can't even really be argued...but I'm sure you will try.

My last American car was a 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8. A true "American" car. Parts built in Mexico and manufactured in Canada...yes the money went to corporate HQ in the U.S., but didn't help the factory workers here much.
You are entitled to your opinion so we will just agree to disagree. You will never convince me and I will never convince you. We both buy vehicles with our hard earned money so it is our individual right to buy what we think best.
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Wow, just wow. Even the most hard core "I only buy made in America" folks would disagree with you. Japanese cars are always at the very top of any reliability ratings - way ahead of US manufacturers. Same is true for consumer ratings.
LOL, everyone knows the fix is in with Consumer Reports. But like I told Rally we are not going to change each others minds, you are entitled to your opinion, it is your money buy what you want as will I.
I'm open to being educated. Can you explain this with particulars?

Meanwhile, this does not make me warm and fuzzy towards Jeep, while it does also suggest not even all Japanese cars are perfect (gasp!) http://editorial.autos.msn.com/cons...bility-survey-shows-brands-rising-and-falling
I am not a fool and not going to get into a no win argument. Just look at the ratio of foreign to US vehicles that get a pass from them and you have my answer.

Go over to Jeep Garage, read through the forums, and see what they have to say about Consumer Reports. To summarize they suggest using it as toilet paper but caution to be careful because it is slick.

And even if the US vehicles were not superior, which I think they are, I support American companies, and American workers. I value loyalty and am wiling to pay for it with my wallet. You had to have grown up in the auto industry like I have to understand where I am coming from. Not once in my 63 years have I owned a foreign vehicle nor did I have the desire to. In the Michigan area where I grew up if you drove a foreign car it would be vandalized as you were taking food off of the table for someone's family.
I'm curious what you are referring to. I've long thought that the reliability history charts that Consumer Reports presents are merely tabulations of their surveys, that all they do is essentially report what is being reported to them, and that the results are as objective as possible. Are you saying that there is some sort of bias (intentional or unintentional) in their results? If yes, what would that bias be? I don't get it.
You are mostly correct but let me explain what you are not seeing. The majority of the subscribers to Consumer Reports are highly educated with a high income and live mostly in California or New York. Unfortunately, those two demographics tend to only consider foreign vehicles as cool. Since you have to be a subscriber to get to fill out a survey the results are skewed. The reason that Consumer Reports mostly favors foreign vehicles is that is what the majority of its subscribers buy and drive. Therefore the majority of the survey results have to do with foreign vehicles. The survey results are not what I would call well rounded or all inclusive.
i think what you are saying is that they don't get enough responses from owners of domestic vehicles for the results to have statistical significance, is that basically it? Thanks.
Yes, and enough responses from what I would call typical/average consumers. The average consumer doesn't make much more than $40,000 a year, if that and has a 2 year junior college degree or less. Nor is the average consumer buying top of the line vehicles.
I want to buy this car, but somewhere in this forum is a poll that says about 20% of cherokee owners are having transmission issues. This is Six weeks out. I'm now seeing trailhawks and cherokee's piling up on the lot. They know what we want, but have they delivered it???? I'm waiting to hear, if Chrysler is once again releasing a "beta" vehicle I want to know.
And yet my dealer has sold 23 Cherokees starting way back in September and has not had one of them come back for any reason other than the one who's driver hit a deer. Most dealer's in Michigan can not keep Cherokees in stock and have used up all of their allocations ordering them. You are forgetting you have an unusual mix of people here that are bothered by things, both real and imagined, that most people wouldn't be. You also need to remember that a good portion of the US is under a winter storm and that has slowed sales of all vehicles considerably. Looking out my window, absolutely nothing is moving today here in Fenton, Michigan. When/if the Cherokee wins the Truck of the Year award at the International Auto Show in Detroit in mid January, I think you will see sales jump dramatically. *** FYI, Chrysler is so backed up with orders for the Cherokee at Toledo North that that they have authorized overtime between Christmas and New Years for any employee there who wants to work to try and fill some of those. Your theory on unsold Cherokees backing up doesn't hold water. If unsold Cherokees are backed up it is just at your location and not indicative of the rest of the country. I have heard stories here in Michigan of dealer's trading as far as 500 miles away just to get their hands on a Cherokee.
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