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upgrade to active 1 or 2

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Is it possible to upgrade to the active drive 1 or 2 and even lock mod on a straight latitude Cherokee with V6
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Anything is possible but it would be horribly expensive. The FWD Cherokees are missing a lot of mechanical and electronic components that make the AD1/AD2 work. I believe it would be way cheaper to just buy a new Cherokee then try to convert a FWD to AD1/AD2.
It is a 4x4 just a regular one. Sorry I should have said that first.
In that case, you would still need to source the 2 speed planitary for the front and rear. Plus the cables and electronics to make it all work. As integrated as the electronics are I still think it would cost more than it would to just trade in on a AD2.

Unfortunately, these are not like the Wranglers where you can swap gears, axles, and transfer cases relatively easily. Everything is integrated and the computer handles a lot of things that are manual in other 4x4 systems.
ADI 2 also includes the off road suspension.
Well that just sucks! I haven't had it off road yet, but do you think it will do fine for most areas except rocks?
Well that just sucks! I haven't had it off road yet, but do you think it will do fine for most areas except rocks?[/QUOTE

There are some posts on this forum of guys driving their AD1 with pictures of where they have been off road--you might want to look them up. Welcome to the forum shooter and I found one post--but no pictures but going to paste it below to give you one of forum member's thoughts about his AD1


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AD I Passes The Test
After taking delivery of my Limited with AD1, I had concerns about not having 4WD Low capability which I have had on previous Jeeps. I have found that when driving in New England Winters, low gear was used mainly for off road but rarely for road travel. Today, after getting over one foot of snow overnight, I entered a parking area to photograph some wildlife. This is an uneven gravel parking area. I entered going down hill and had no problem. When I was about to leave, the only other vehicle in the lot, a Ford 250 with 4WD had great difficulty climbing the incline to leave and had to make several attempts sliding sideways in the process. Needless to say, I had some concerns but I was quite pleased to say that my Cherokee with AD I, made it out without any problem whatsoever.

Shooter--you can find pics in some of these posts--just go up above where the letter G is encased by blue and write "AD1 capability" and click search and then you will find pages of talk about it--here is one written to me--I had an AD1 before I got the "wants" for the TH and I know mine did fine in snow--but I did no off roading--here is a post written to me:

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Originally Posted by ptram
I really wanted the ADII, but in haste I purchased the ADI. I have the Limited ADI with V6 and I live in Upstate SC. I just wanted the ADII in case I went north in the winter time to visit relatives in Indiana and Illinois. However, I may get a chance to test it out right here in Upstate SC in the next two days if we get the storm they are predicting. I have had experience in snow as I lived in the North for many years--but they are long in the past now. Anyhow, I just have the stock tires and about 1500 miles on the vehicle and love it so far. Now then-how "far" will it go in the snow if we get that storm. I will report if it is favorable--LOL.

Do not worry about having adII. I live in northern Canada, I work in the oil field, and travel hundreds of kilometers in the woods everyday. All year round in all conditions. We drive F350's and I have used the 4low button maybe twice. Once it helped and the other I need tow. ADI will exceed sall your needs.

I am not saying that the AD1 will do what you want it to do--make that clear--just what others have said--hope you enjoy your new KL

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