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Unfinished Expedition One bumper mod

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Hey, hoping to get some recommendations on something.

I have a 2017 KL with the tech package. Over a year ago I put an Expedition One bumper on the front. I have two standing issues I'd like some advice one.
  1. There's a cutout for the radar module, but no fully fleshed out way to attach it. Wondering what other people have done, and how well it's gone (especially anyone who has done this and had the radar module reattached for over a year - long-term solutions are preferred, even if time-consuming and a bit expensive)
  2. There's no cutouts for the parking sensors
    1. I don't mind drilling holes in the new bumper to put the original sensors back in - I have the tools. That's not my problem.
    2. The original bumper from the factory is a plastic facade, and the parking sensors simply snap into some plastic clips that look like they're attached to the bumper via some expoxy
    3. Given that the Expedition One bumper is powder-coated aluminum, I'm looking to (a) obviously drill holes so I can put the parking sensor back on, and (b) come up with some kind of solution to attach the sensors to said bumper
Point 2.3.b is the thing I don't have a ton of experience with. Could I / should I just cut the old clips off of the plastic bumper and attach them to the new aluminum bumper via epoxy? Would that work long-term (i.e. is there an epoxy that's going to weather well and not fall off every few months?)

Thanks for any suggestions or research / approaches you can point me to. Open to ideas, and not in a rush.
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can't help but interested to see pics of that badass bumper
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