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Uconnect 4C upgrade help

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I bought a brand new radio unit from mopar and installed everything without a hitch. Sound works, AC HEAT works, CarPlay works but none of my settings are present.

There is no control tab at the bottom ( no heated seats icon, no heated steering wheel icon, no dual zone HVAC)

the settings Menu is missing the light options, safety/driving assistance features etc

Any help would be appreciated I have reset everything to default already, performed proxy alignment (the entertainment telematic module is failing every time), I have enabled the heated seats in alfaobd (my car came with the cold weather package so they were already enabled in the bcm)
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Are you using an OBDLink MX+ adapter or other cable (e.g. the "blue cable") when doing your Proxy Align? The Radio is on the secondary CANBUS network. It requires an adapter (e.g. MX+) or adapter cable capable of doing a crossover on 2 of the pins. What OBD adapter are you using? When you mean "My Settings" do you mean personalization, radio stations etc. or do you mean your car features. (e.g. heated/vented seats, heated steering wheel, auto-dimming mirror (for any of these items equipped).
Hi thanks for your reply, I have AlfaOBD and the mx+ And I meant the car features: for example before upgrading the settings menu had stuff like light on for 30 sec, 1 min after turning off car and now it’s completely empty.
Between your reply I added the following:

When you enabled the heated seats (BCM-Configuration Change-Heated Seats-Front) you're correct, it saves it into the BCM but as you pointed out, this was already set. Your radio needs to receive this to display the icons I believe and you need to get past the radio (telematics) unit proxy failure.​
My bad, I see from your posted photos what you meant about the Settings. The first thing is to clear up the proxy align failure. Until you get a clean proxy align, the missing settings or anything else may just be the result of it being new and hasn't been programmed from the BCU with your car's features yet. Is the radio the only module that fails?

How about ones like HVAC or Driver/Passenger Door module or Integrated Center Stack. Those are all on the secondary CANBUS network.
Hi yup everything else has passed the proxy alignment hvac, centre stack etc., I tried putting back my old unit earlier to see if if anything else was wrong but with the old unit installed the proxy completes, but as soon as I swap the new one in it doesn’t with the entertainment telematics module failing.
And the replacement radio is a like-kind swap? I don't know what year Cherokee you have but you said the radio had CarPlay (>=2019) so you have a newer Cherokee that came with the same radio?
so I’m coming from a 2015 Jeep Cherokee latitude radio without CarPlay, and bought a 2019 one from my local mopar dealer‘s website
1 - 4 of 12 Posts