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Uconnect 4C upgrade help

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I bought a brand new radio unit from mopar and installed everything without a hitch. Sound works, AC HEAT works, CarPlay works but none of my settings are present.

There is no control tab at the bottom ( no heated seats icon, no heated steering wheel icon, no dual zone HVAC)

the settings Menu is missing the light options, safety/driving assistance features etc

Any help would be appreciated I have reset everything to default already, performed proxy alignment (the entertainment telematic module is failing every time), I have enabled the heated seats in alfaobd (my car came with the cold weather package so they were already enabled in the bcm)
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That company is infotainment.com
Not cheap, but they do have solutions for upgrades. It may be worth a call to them to discuss your issue and at least find out your options.
Thanks @jsmit86 . Was it something like $2k or so?
It can be. Check the website, but it depends on your exact vehicle spec.
There are also some aftermarket solutions from Kenwood, Pioneer and others. Crutchfield is a good resource for specifics.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts