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True Blue Cherokee thread

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I picked up my Cherokee Limited yesterday, diggin it. Photos attached. I hope others do as well.

Notes on True Blue:
-My neighbor asked "is it blue or black?" In sun it looks dark blue. Out of the sun, it looks black, though not as deep black as the real black

- The Vesuvius interior looks FANTASTIC. No photos have done it justice. I will try to post some, but they just don't look exactly as it does in person. Highly recommend this interior.


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I've got True Blue. Was torn between that and the Mango. I do believe in a perfect situation it can have a touch of a purple hue to it but the lighting has to be exact. I like how it varies in different lighting conditions.

Now if they had just made a Hydro Blue like in the Wranglers THAT would've been sweet!

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