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The UAW Healthcare Trust owns 41.5 percent of Chrysler, and with Fiat wanting to own 100% of the company, it makes it very important to determine the value of Chrysler as a company.

Fiat wanted a May trial to speed settling a dispute that resulted in the UAW filing paperwork for an IPO. Fiat threatened to stop supporting Chrysler if the IPO went through. Now a five-day trial is set to take place from September 29th through October 3rd in Delaware (yes, that means it is next year.)

Fiat and Chrysler are helping each other out quite a bit. Chrysler is using Fiat underbodies for their vehicles, like the Cherokee and the Dodge Dart, as well as an upcoming Fiat-based small crossover by jeep. And Fiat is using Chrysler's cash to off set the abysmal state of European car sales, which is in its sixth straight year of decline.
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