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Trailhawk Stuck in the Desert Sand

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I was reading a "2014 Four Wheeler of the Year" article and came across these pictures. The article didn't mention how the Trailhawk got stuck. I didn't know the circumstances, or even that it was truly stuck until I downloaded the images and it said "Cherokee Stuck" and "Ram Rescues Cherokee".

Now, I never thought of the Trailhawk as a desert runner per say. But, I wonder if the ground clearance or the 4x4 system...or a combination or both....caused it to get stuck. I do believe the 4x4 system only engages when it is needed when not in 4 low. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Good thing for the tow hooks!


Link to the article: http://www.fourwheeler.com/vehicle-reviews/1310-2014-four-wheeler-of-the-year-day-4/

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Looks like they were driving in existing ruts and bottomed out on the skid plates.
Sand/Mud mode modifies the behavior of the esc and brake lock differential controls to allow for more wheel spin.
Does anyone know if all the electronics related to wheel spin, loss of traction, etc. can be turned off completely with a flick of a switch while in 4x4? Of all things I have encountered off road, a vehicle's micro brain kicking in is the most annoying.
Unfortunately not. Even if you disable the ESC system, the computer is still controlling how torque is distributed to the various wheels. This was one of the biggest complaints of the off-road magazines who test drove the TH. You will have to adjust your driving style to compensate for the computers short commings.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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