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Trailhawk Stuck in the Desert Sand

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I was reading a "2014 Four Wheeler of the Year" article and came across these pictures. The article didn't mention how the Trailhawk got stuck. I didn't know the circumstances, or even that it was truly stuck until I downloaded the images and it said "Cherokee Stuck" and "Ram Rescues Cherokee".

Now, I never thought of the Trailhawk as a desert runner per say. But, I wonder if the ground clearance or the 4x4 system...or a combination or both....caused it to get stuck. I do believe the 4x4 system only engages when it is needed when not in 4 low. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Good thing for the tow hooks!


Link to the article: http://www.fourwheeler.com/vehicle-reviews/1310-2014-four-wheeler-of-the-year-day-4/

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go off road get stuck
don't go off road - don't get stuck

like taking a pic to show the sky is blue
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