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Trailhawk Review - Boosted News

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This is one of the many online blog reviews of the Cherokee but I thought this one was interesting as it contrasted the Cherokee with the offroad abilities of other Jeeps and concluded that:

"..the XJ Cherokee struck a balance between off-road capability and everyday usability, and, to this day, it remains one of the best vehicles to ever do that.

The KL Cherokee does that as well. It’s more pleasant to drive than the Wrangler or the Liberty. The interior is well thought out and comfortable, the knobby tires on the Trailhawk are actually rather quiet, and the Pentastar engine is at least much smoother and more refined, if not quite as torquey. It can still do the daily grind with ease, and then go on a camping trip in the woods or to the beach on the weekend.

It may be a crossover now, but my off-road test drive proved that it’s still very much a Jeep...."

The reviewer did take the Cherokee through some offroading:

"...once I left the pavement, I turned the dial to Sand/Mud, which tells Jeep’s Selec-Terrain system that traction will be sparse. I also put the two-speed transfer case in 4WD Low, and I locked the rear differential, something only the Trailhawk can do. In that configuration, the Cherokee casually made its way through every patch of deep sand, through every muddy rut, and up every slippery hill in the field with nary a nail-biting moment or an awkward call to roadside assistance.....

....The good part is that the new Cherokee’s ride is vastly superior to any of its forebears. Whereas such an outing in an XJ Cherokee or a Wrangler would have sent my scalp straight into the headliner or taken the loose change from under the seats and put it back in my pockets, my entire test period with the KL Cherokee, both off-road and on-road, was civilized and calm. Not one of the undulations of my off-road adventure ever bottomed out the suspension, nor did I violently shove the controversial front end into a berm from misjudging my speed...."

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Positive review. Thanks for posting
The number one reason I got the TH - it's as refined as the 200, and will handle anything I will likely throw at it, including following a few Wranglers off the beaten path.
Good review. Exactly why I bought one.
It's nice to see that these reviewers are learning the real potential of these vehicles.
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