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Hey guys – wanted to see if there was any interested in doing getting a group of area Trailhawks together to hit up either the Rausch Creek 101 or 201 classes.

I’m new to off-roading and did the 101 class last month. It was AWESOME. Here is the thread about it:

I wouldn’t mind doing it again and getting my wife behind the wheel. Would also be interested in the 201 class, which I’m told a TH can handle as well.

Iron9s and I are heading to the July 12th 101 class. First come, first spots.

Then maybe the 201 class on November 15th or December 13th.

I know there are some NOVA locals who are new to the forum or who’ve mentioned they wouldn’t mind getting some mud on the tires. Looking at you humvee256, NOVAHawk, gravitywell, et. al.

Wanted to see if there were any takers and maybe we can get a little group together. 12 Wranglers vs. 1 TH and 1 GC isn’t cool! Even if you can’t make those dates, strongly recommend taking the class. It will really show you what the TH can handle.


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hey guys for those that have been to the creek before do you think that a 4 cylinder 4X4 latitude would be able to do the green trails I know its not the same set up as a trailhawk but I would like to take my wife there and teach her how to do some off roading
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