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2020 Trailhawk 2.0T Diamond Black
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I don't drive much, so less than 800 miles on mine so far, but the one time I took it on some trails I found it to be an amazing vehicle. Now I just have to get some of those magnetic panels made so I don't claw it up on a trail. Even though they polished out, the brush left a few pencil marks.
So, I would recommend a good wax job before you take it out wheeling. I think if it had wax on it, the brush wouldn't have left any pencil marks.
Oh, and when Jeep puts a trail ready badge on it's vehicles, they can do just about anything you have ground clearance for.
That said, you have to take it out on some trails so you can be sure that 4 wheel drive system is up to snuff :unsure:
scratches are inevitable, I've got more scratches on my car from dogs jumping than anything lol. I stopped caring after the 5th or 6th one. can't do anything about it.

now rock rails? those help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts