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Edit: Statement below only applies to the North American v6 Cherokees. Overseas models have different specs. So please follow applicable guidelines in your country.

I'm making this thread to put all other threads to rest about towing. So, here's the deal. If your Cherokee was not ordered from the factory with the trailer tow package (US MARKET) you are limited to only 2000lbs of trailer weight and 200lbs of tongue weight, it doesn't matter if you had a hitch installed by the dealer, uhaul or whoever. You are limited to the previously mentioned limits. If you'd like to install a brake controller you will have to do it the old fashion way, there will not be a plug and play setup.

If your Cherokee was ordered from the factory with the trailer tow package your tow limit is 4500lbs and you have a 450lb tongue weight limit. Anything over 3500lbs of trailer weight according to jeep requires a weight distribution hitch and anything more than 2000lbs requires a brake controller.

Now to answer some of the questions that may arise. It doesn't matter what gearing you have or what package you have that dictates your legal tow limit. It is wether or not your Cherokee came from the factory with a trailer tow package. If it did not, it doesn't matter what you add to your vehicle you are legally limited to 2000lbs.

If you don't know if your Cherokee came with a tow package you can either ask your dealer or look your VIN up online to see if it's in the build sheet. If someone would PM a location to find such a website I'll be happy to link it here.

As a fellow forum member reminded me all of the above only applies to the V6 model. The 4 cylinder models are limited to 2000lbs no matter what package you have.

With this said, any further posts on the matter will simply have a linkback to this thread and will be closed. Thank you and I hope we can put this matter to rest.
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