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Towing Capacity

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I am new member who recently purchased a 2017 Cherokee Utility 4D Latitude 4WD I4. I have read and been told I can pull anywhere from max 2000 lb RV to max 4500 lb. The JEEP dealer could not give definitive number. To my knowledge, it does not have towing package installed. Can anyone confirm? Thank you!
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2000lb you have the tigershark engine.
also frontal area is crucial.. ie no tall windblocker trailers.

Your max trailer would likely be a pop-up style or small teardrop.

For 4500 you would need the towing package and 3.2L engine.

Typically they get "confused" so you buy the car. Your vehicle is super easy since it has the tigershark 2.4L engine = 2000lb no matter what.

Around 2019 it got more complicated with the 2.0 and 3.2L but the 2.4L engine is/was always 2000lb max AFAIK.
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