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Curious how these Flakens or your Toyo A/T III’s (seen you advocate for those Toyo’s in other threads to, so very curious about them) are for daily road driving compared to stock Destinations?

I find the stock Destinations ride nicely on the road for daily driving. Comfort with light utility was my primary reason for switching to our Cherokee TH - so normal driving comfort is my primary concern (bad back and neck).

I wont ever do any driving on rocky surfaces/trails. Might eventually get out on dirt trails, fire trails in state parks, etc in Michigan…but nothing like mountain or out west off-roaring. So having a good and comfortable daily driving tire outside of winter that can still hit basic trails, seasonal roads, fire roads in state parks, etc is what will be most ideal for us.

Next year in the winter I plan to get a set of true winter tires (Michelin X-ICE). However, when my Destinations eventually need replacement (still great at 37k miles), or if I decide to switch to something better earlier, I am curious as to what options to consider for my needs. Thanks to any that reply.
I’ve been daily driving these tires everyday now since I’ve posted that and I can say, there is absolutely no road noise from these, they feel smooth and they’re great, commuting on the interstate for work and seeing how well they handled really sold it for me and I can say I’ll most likely be sticking with these in the future
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