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tire math experts - I shud change my spare, right?

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on the verge of putting my winter tires on, but here's the situation

last time I got new tires (April 2021) I changed tire size & bought 5, so my spare would match
... so if I put my winter tires on (which are the OEM size) can I leave that new spare mounted in the cargo area? would it be ok to use in the rear, if I get a flat? or shud I not risk it & put the OEM sized spare on?

both spare tires are new full size tires
the OEM spare was only used once for a cpl hundred miles
the winter tires have a few seasons on them

the OEM size is 225 60 18
tires on the car now are 235 55 18

so can I use winter tires that are 225 60 18 but keep my spare that is 235 55 18?

I guess I know the answer: "yes change all 5 tires" because, why not?
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I have four LT265/65R17 tires, but my P245/65R17 spare is still inside the compartment untouched. The new tire size won't fit in there and I know that I could put the larger tire on the Rhino Rack roof platform, but choose not to.

My 'plan' is to limp to a nearby location where I can get the proper size tire changed over. I've actually been thinking about just buying the LT replacement and just leave it in the garage until needed, but spending 4 months in one location and 8 in another may make that idea less than ideal. I could order the LT version and typically get it delivered in a few days, worst-case. There doesn't seem to be a perfect solution, unless that is it.
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I could try the air down method - I have a compressor in the back now. The size difference is not small, but removing the liner may actually do the trick. These are some good ideas, thanks.

My plan of crossing my fingers may not be the best choice after all. o_O
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Oh yes, remove the liner. I didn't realize you still had it in there. Generally people still need to air down as well, but it might fit at full pressure.
To be honest with you, I didn't even considered it before. I've got to take a good look at that, thanks.
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