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thoughts on shopping for a car

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why wouldn't someone research (a certain feature) BEFORE buying a car, if it's something you want? especially when so many units have (that feature). I don't get it. I had certain criteria for what I wanted. I didn't even look at cars that didn't have those things. was it a high pressured sales situation? ppl really need to take a step back during the buying process. take your time. drive a bunch of cars from different dealers & different manufactures. then make a short list of stuff you want. then keep looking until you find the right vehicle, at the right dealership for the right deal. it's a great way to weed out the bad dealers & focus on what's really important to you. especially when shopping for a preowned car. yes, you might have to make a compromise, for example, I couldn't find a 4cyl w an OEM hitch so I had to add one. but honestly, I thought I was done carrying 4 bikes & wouldn't need it, so it was a grey area & not a must have
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The first thing to shop for is a competent Jeep dealership and mechanic. And/or a trusted mechanic that can work on Jeeps. Dealer Rater is a good place to start.
Then figure out what vehicle meets your personal requirements.
Personally I was really happy with doing a Factory Order. Got a quote from AAA and the dealer I bought from charged me even less.
Got exactly the Jeep I wanted and it was fresh off the car carrier. Didn't sit on the lot getting dirty, flat spot tires and dead battery.
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Refer to Post #21.
'Built' a 2023 Jeep Compass Trailhawk on the Internet. At least it is Trail Rated.
Trailer tow group. Only has a 4 pin trailer connector but can use an adapter to get 7 pins.
Sting-Gray non metallic paint.
Convenience group.
Rock rails.
Will probably cost $41k plus. Hopefully AAA buying service would get me the best price.
Would do a Factory Order from my Jeep Dealer.

This seems to be as similar to my 2014 V6 TH as possible.
Doesn't seem to have a rear locker but I think that will be ok.
Has the 2.0L turbo engine which seems to be what our Forum members like.

Does anybody have any knowledge of this vehicle? Off road ability? Highway performance?
Is the driver's seat reasonably comfortable?
All I need is something to drive to my Tree Farm and then drive around on my fire trails and hopefully get me back home again.
I am almost afraid to visit the Jeep Compass Club Web site for fear I will hear all of their horror stories.
Do we think FCA will be making the Compass for a few more years or do I need to rush out and buy a 2023?
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Actually yesterday I went to my nearest Jeep dealer and looked at a used 2021 Cherokee TH V6 with factory tow, Winter group, Uconnect Off road pages, sun roof and collision avoidance, GPS navigation and looks like everything else there is. The CARFAX report says the type of owner was "Commercial" and it last had 9417 miles on it. Never been off road. Selling it for about $30k which seems reasonable to me. Total price new was $41,870 per the Monroney label. Has been MD State Inspected so it is probably in fairly good condition. There was not anybody's Extended Warranty. According to CARFAX there is nothing wrong with the car. Way too many extras for me, so I 'passed'. I checked the VIN and there are no outstanding Recalls. If you hurry you can make it in time for the National Cherry Blossom Festival.
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Just 'discovered' a Rivian R1S. Should be good off road even if it is a little big.
Haven't researched it, it is a work in progress: Sibling Rivalry - Rivian Stories
Hopefully it can come with recovery hooks or it is a non starter. Can't go anywhere with my off road club unless it has recovery hooks.
Ya, that could be a problem.
AAA doesn't have off road service but I can always get my neighbors drag my TH out of the woods.
If I break down they won't be able to get deer corn to their feeder. I know that will be a 'show stopper' for them.
Well, this moment of insanity didn't last very long.
"built" a R1S on their Web site, over $100k with tags, Title and taxes.
Got my 2014 TH for about $34k. I can buy a lot of TH 'parts cars' for $100k and still end up with the perfect off road vehicle for me.
I don't mind running into trees and rocks with my 'cheap' TH. My Jeep dealer and body shop are happy to fix my blunders. Have to pay to play.
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You need to figure out what reliable vehicle dealerships are nearby. Then select an appropriate vehicle for your needs.
If your nearest Jeep dealer is over about 30 miles away then you probably should consider something else.
I have AAA with 200 mile free towing which will get me towed to my local Jeep dealer. Unfortunately AAA does not have off road recovery.
I drive my TH really slow on rough roads. Vehicles with a truck frame can be driven a lot faster and endure the rough roads.
Some people have a car for highway travel and then park an old truck at the entrance to their property.
My neighbor has an old rusted out F150 with chains on all 4 wheels that he parks at my landing. He drives his fancy new pickup truck from his house to my landing.
Basically, you will need to consider what works best for your situation.
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