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TH hood decal

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I have a new TH ordered with a hood decal, but I'm interested in getting a different color decal. Has anyone seen or heard of where I might one?
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Had a detail shop put twin red stripes around hood decal. Looks great. Pictures soon. Now just need to decide where to put some red on the tail gate area
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Since the decal is an option, they should not be forcing you to buy it. I ordered one on mine but plan to change it with a different color this spring. I want to wait till the cold weather ends.
I've been contemplating putting a red pin striping around the decal to match the tow hooks. Need to get into a shop to get a quote. Just haven't had the time yet.
It cost me 55.00 for the strips. Took about an hour
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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