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Sunroof Shade Lubricant

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Over the past few months, I have been having an issue with the sunroof shade not sliding like it should, and bunching up in the front while retracting. I the sunroof a lot, and when off-roading, its subjected to a ton of dust, so not unusual for it to need cleaning and lubed. I cleaned the first time using a rag as I didn't have any qtips. I then used some white lithium spray grease to lube. Unfortunately I got the PB blaster kind, and it smelled horrible. I then used qtips to clean it out, and used a generic white lithium spray grease. It still bunched, but only when its hot outside, and even more in direct sunlight. When its cooler, like in the mornings, no issues with it bunching. I cleaned again, and used a LIL-Glide (a silicone lubricant type product recommended by a youtube video I watched. I applied it with a qtip as well since it comes in a squeeze tube. Still the same end result of bunching when it was hot. The grease that was originally there was black (or at least it was black when I took it out). Does anyone know what product to use to lubricate the power sunshade?
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I've always used white lithium, but I've never experienced the odor you're having. It doesn't take much. I use a small stiff bristle brush to apply it to the track...馃槑
It was just with the PB blaster brand. I think they mix some of the penetrating oil in with it so it has the PB blaster smell. The other white lithium grease didn't have that smell. It is possible I put too much though. I put a decent amount up there. I probably should clean it again and apply as little as possible.
I think the issue may be in the take up spool at the rear (probably acts like the old home window roller shades, it's supposed to coil up the fabric as the front moves back). You may need to drop the headliner to properly identify and address...
Honestly. This is a very real possibility. I'm trying to go with the easy stuff first, but if all else fails and it keeps getting worse, this will probably be the route I will need to go.
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Had that exact same problem off of the dealer lot. Replaced under warranty.

Replace what, you might ask? Work order said R&R sunroof sunshade. I believe that to be item 12:

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You might try getting the factory sunroof grease, P/N 68337909AA (item 19).
I actually found this as well. I agree 12 is what I would need to replace if it comes to that. I went back to clean the lube, and realized it was much drier than I thought it should have been. I cleaned anyways and applied heavier. I couldn't really test it as it was parked in the garage since my wife is out of town. I'll keep an eye on it and just watch it. If it comes down to having to fully replace it, I'll wait until it just stops working completely as it looks like its replaced as a whole unit.
A very small amount is also great on the rubber weather stripping around the doors/hatch too.
I did use some on the sunroof seals. I need to do it on the door seals as well to keep them good. I was surprised by how high the water came up a couple months ago. It was a good think I had good seals or I would have been inside for sure.
No doubt the price is way too high, but are you sure it's just white lithium grease? I couldn't find a chemical description online (didn't look very hard). There are several variations of white lithium grease with varying amounts of additives (like PTFE) and tackiness. Just curious what the Mopar version is and what might make it different. After all, they do recommend it - but who knows if the recommendation is for technical reasons or just profit!
I am debating on getting it. I know the grease I got out of it was black, so its got to be something different. I'm first trying to apply more to see if maybe I just didn't have enough as it was really dry when I went to take it off. If this doesn't work, next route will be to get that stuff and try it. It could be a spring thing still, but there is decent tension on it, both hot and cold. Its almost like it just doesn't slide fast enough, and it gets slightly pushed by the front bar moving backwards. If I stop it, it will generally keep moving back on its own until its tight again.
I used white lithium grease in a spray can. But the next time I lube it I might switch to silicone spray since it is plastic on metal. The OEM is a grease instead of dry so I am sticking with a grease.
I ended up ordering the grease. They sure are proud of that stuff. After the shipping and everything it was almost $40 dollars. This is sort of the last chance effort. Unfortunately, due to some life changes, I'm about to have about 50 percent of my time back in a few months. If this doesn't take care of it, I'll drop the headliner then and see what is actually going on.
Another update. I finally got around to using the Mopar lubricant. No change. Looks like I will be dropping the headliner as the next steps. It will be several months before I have time, but I will keep updating. I'll probably try and grab some pics while I'm at it, for future questions that I'm sure will come up. It doesn't look that hard to do, just need to take my time, and have some space as I'm sure I'll have it our for at least a few days, especially if I need to order parts.
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