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Stilettos Installed…..finally

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Finally got time to myself this weekend and installed the Dobinson 2” version Stilettos.

I’ve been running on Dobinson plus 1/2 hazard sky lift for a couple of years. Decided to just go the 2” and clean things up.
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Install was not that hard, hardest part was cutting off the one mounting bolt that doesn’t clear the RDM. A 4 1/2” cut-off wheel barely gets the job done.
A second set of “handy”hands would greatly speed things up

I have two adjustable caber links yet to install, then off for an alignment

On the down side, as I was resetting the front height , I noticed oil on the sun frame, and front skid plate. the oil transfer line on the transmission leaking, cheap plastic fitting to rubber tube. Don’t know for how long, so I’ve got a new hose and o-ring on order, then have to take it on the dealer and have the level checked

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sweet! time to find a river crossing!

too many inferior plastic connectors on these Cherokees
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