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Steering wheel buttons not working

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So i have a 2016 Cherokee and several weeks ago the display screen on the dash would not change. It is stuck on tire pressure monitoring. I noticed that the only buttons on my wheel that work are cruise control. I have disconnected battery for 20 minutes, turned steering wheel , honked horn, hit the stupid thing and nothing......Any suggestions before i Pay someone to look at it?
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I recommend using a thread title that is informative.
What's wrong with "Steering wheel buttons not working"?

Don't be so hard on the new folks. Forum life requires a little getting used to.

But while we're nitpicking, how about the forum section choice ? :wink:

I kid. Let's see how this unfolds, we could all learn something new.
What's wrong with the Interior section?

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Full disclosure : I asked myself that same question after I hit the Submit Reply button :grin::grin:

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