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Steering wheel buttons not working

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So i have a 2016 Cherokee and several weeks ago the display screen on the dash would not change. It is stuck on tire pressure monitoring. I noticed that the only buttons on my wheel that work are cruise control. I have disconnected battery for 20 minutes, turned steering wheel , honked horn, hit the stupid thing and nothing......Any suggestions before i Pay someone to look at it?
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Hi there. I happen to have the same problem with my Grand Chreokee. All the buttons are not working except the cruise control ones. Hope you have found the solution?? Best regards, David
Hi Dave, and welcome from Utah. You might have better luck on the Grand Cherokee forum. This is the KL Cherokee forum. Though we do share a few systems, they are completely different vehicles. Good luck, and hope you find the solution for your issue. Try here...馃槑
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Hoping you have a good since of humor .

Try here Grand Cherokee - WK2 - Hope you get it resolved.
No, more like this, since it's like the 6th one today...LOL!!!馃槈馃槑
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