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So many issues with my brand new 2022 Grand Cherokee

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I recently bought a brand new grand Cherokee and within the first month I’ve already needed to take it in for a wiring issue for the power steering, blind spot, collision protection etc. It took a week of them holding onto my car to fix it.

Now a couple weeks later I’m experiencing a clunking sound when turning at low speeds and CarPlay is glitchy. I called up the service department in Denver this morning and was connected to a lady who is very unpleasant. No apologies or empathy as to what I’m experiencing. Buying a new car and having to take it into service for the second time within 6 weeks is infuriating. The soonest they can get me in is in 3 weeks. I left a message for the service manager this morning and hoping he will be able to help me out. I am not impressed with jeep so far and this makes me want to get rid of this car. These dealerships are so quick to sell you a car but when it breaks you’re on your own. Really not happy with them.
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This a forum for the smaller and entirely different Cherokee not the Grand Cherokee.
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