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Refer to this Post: Module 68145593AF information about parts
tak062, delete this Post, double Posting just confuses me.

According to moparonlineparts.com it is a SHAFT LOCK - STEERING COLUM which costs nearly $300 US.
What kind of key fob do you have. There are several kinds. Might need to attach a picture
I don't know enough about the starting system to know if this has anything to do with anything.
Does your Jeep have ESS? Is your odometer flashing if you have power?
Just to rule it out get the Jeep battery tested, note 'state of health' and CCA. Be sure to charge the battery with a battery charger before getting it tested.
It may help if we knew the year, make and model of your Jeep. You probably have a Cherokee not a Grand Cherokee.
Do you have any Check Engine codes? Not sure you can read them unless you can go to the Run position.
Search this Forum for more help. That is what I am going to do next.
This Post seems similar to your situation: Smart key failure, action on the steering wheel
There are others. Search for 'smart key fail' and see if there is anything useful.

Refer to this Post: Smart Key Fail error

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Thank you for the helpful information.
My car also displays "smart key failure" and "steering" messages.
You can only ACC with the PTS button.
Even if you step on the brakes and try to start, it won't work.
Same with 2 smart keys.
And the battery went up because the error message kept coming out.
I will also post a picture of my car module.
And for some reason my car module looks like the roll pin that secures it inside is missing.
It is the part circled in red.
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I will try to start with the module removed from the handlebar post with the information you gave me.
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