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I stoped by my dealerthis AM to get a brochure. I found out they have a Cherokee Limited on lot, so I decided to check it out with the kiddo. It seems smaller than I was expecting. The driver compartment is comfortable, but with the CommandView sunroof, quite a bit of headroom disappears (I'm only 5'10"). That wasn't what got me all twisted up though, it was the headroom for the back seats! Sitting in the seat (all the way back and reclined until it touches the tonneau cover) I had to lean my head towards the sunroof as the roofline sides were hitting my head. I think I actually have more headroom in my wife's 2014 Compass (which also has a sunroof) in both the front and rear seats.
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so im confused guys maybee someone can explain this. the pano sun roof looks like it would add room not take away.
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