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Signed up in SoCal

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Greetings All!
Santa didn't leave something shiny and needing keys in the driveway yesterday, so I've spent the majority of today as a guest going through the many forums and postings that were of particular interest to me here... trying to choose a SUV for the next several years of my life.

I tend to both go through cars, yet hang on to one or another faithfully for long periods. I had a Scout of many years, just a RWD 4 banger. Next up a F150 for another decade, and now I have owned one of the first RAV4 AWD's to come over, since '96. It still runs well, but mountain passes and more than 200K miles have taken a toll on that spartan lightweight. Between those 3 vehicles were maybe a dozen or more that came and went. I get a company truck every three years, so commuting miles are not an issue, but readiness to serve after periods of non-use is a sought after trait.

I'm thinking the TH is what I may wish to have and hold on to next, and the many, many subject postings here are a boon to this decision process.

Once I get through most of the posts, I'll start asking about what I haven't seen answered yet.

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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