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SEVERE SHIFTER & OIL & TRANSMISSION ISSUES on 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

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This vehicle has disengaged for the 4x times within one year.

ON 10/25/2020 our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, DISENGAGED in route from Los Angeles to Detroit, Michigan. ( NO ONE WAS INJURED ) THANK GOODNESS...

The owner is sitting in a hotel as we speak in a small sleepy town located in VERNAL, UT awaiting parts to REPLACE his TRANSMISION and MOTOR MOUNT... HERE is the HISTORY of what happened since we purchased the pre owned vehicle in Pittsburgh, PA one year ago... This is what we learned today....


1. Shifter light goes on
2. Engine light goes on/then shuts off
3. Vehicle Disengages while driving down a mountainside in Yosemite, with an 18 wheeler behind us.
4. We coast to the side of the road and turn off the engine for a few min. Car restarts and we make it to our destination.
5.Took vehicle in for service and replaced oil sending unit
6. Engine light goes on within a week.
7. Took it in to service and it cleared codes. Ruled out a bad fuse and updated computer software.
8. Shifter light came on + oil light went on then went out, replaced oil pump
9. Shifter light came went out
10. Shifter light came on
11. Service Transmission light came on
12. Check Engine light came on
13. Parking Brake wen on
14. Back of Vehicle Exploded and Disengaged while driving.
15.The vehicle was able to coast to the front of a DODGE Dealer in Vernal, UT.

Upon getting the car services, we learned that this was the 3rd TRANSMISSION. According to the VIN # the dealership found records, stating the original owners replaced the transmission 2x under the warranty within 100 days of owning the vehicle... On April 1. 2015 the vehicle received it's second transmission and the previous mechanic STRIPPED the MOTOR MOUNT BOLT on the vehicle while replacing the TRANSMISSION.

We are the second owner's of this vehicle which we purchased one year ago in Oct 2019. This car has DISENGAGED while driving 4x since we have owned it...

My boyfriend is currently STRANDED in Vernal, UT and has to stay at a HOTEL until the new part for the Motor Mount arrives Friday. He has already been there since SUNDAY waiting for the car to be repaired. The dealership has yet to offer him a LOANER car and I would think that is the least they could do.

JEEP needs to STEP IT UP...
JEEP CARES, has reached out... Let's pray they successfully resolve the problem and relieve him of the additional aggravation and expense...

Has anyone had this happen and has anyone started a class action suit yet?
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